Diako Mardanbegi is a research associate at the Computing and Communication department of the Lancaster University. His research interest is on mobile eye tracking, multimodal gaze interaction and ubiquitous eye tracking.

shahram-jalaliniyaShahram Jalaliniya is a postdoctoral researcher at the Computer Science Department of the Malmö University, Internet of Things and People Research Center (IOTAP) in Sweden. His main research interest is gaze interaction on wearable computers and pervasive eye-based interaction.

Mohamed KhamisMohamed Khamis is a PhD student at the University of Munich (LMU), Germany. His research focuses on seamless gaze-based interaction with pervasive displays, by developing usable methods for interacting with public displays and mobile devices using gaze.

andreasbullingPäivi Majaranta is a researcher and lecturer at University of Tampere, Finland. She gives courses on usability and interaction design. Her research interests include gaze interaction, multimodal interfaces, accessibility, UX and HCI.

Program Committee

  • Andrew Kurauchi, University of São Paulo, Brasil
  • Christian Lander, German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Germany
  • Florian Daiber, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, Germany
  • Hoorieh Afkari Roshkhari, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
  • Ioannis Giannopoulos, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Jakob Karolus, University of Stuttgart, Germany
  • Ken Pfeuffer, Lancaster University, Germany
  • Lucas Paletta, Joanneum Research, Austria
  • Martin Raubal, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Oleg Špakov, University of Tampere, Finland
  • Peter Kiefer, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Ralf Biedert, Tobii AB
  • Shahram Eivazi, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
  • Thies Pfeiffer, Bielefeld University, Germany
  • Veronica Sundstedt, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • Yanxia Zhang, Pattern Recognition & Bioinformatics Group, TU Delft, Netherlands

PETMEI Workshop Series Steering Committee